Tips for Keeping Skin Problem-Free

  • Your skin says a lot about your health. Not everyone has the time for intensive skin care treatments but you don’t need these kinds of treatments if you can keep your skin clean and healthy through a regular skincare routine. A good and effective skin care regimen can help keep a multitude of skin problems at bay and it can also help prevent aging of skin. Here are some all round the year good skin care tips that can help you achieve flawless skin in no time:
  • Sunscreen
    The importance of sunscreen cannot be undermined. The damage your skin faces when exposed to sun can take its toll and brings on a wide variety of skin problems as well as make you look much older than your current age. By simply keeping your skin protected when out in the sun, you can prevent a host of skin problems. Use sunscreen with an SPF content of at least 15 and higher if you have sensitive skin. Keep reapplying the sunscreen every few hours as its protecting power tends to weaken as time passes.
    When going out in the sun, always make sure you do not expose yourself to the harmful UV rays when it is at its strongest. Wear clothing that will protect your entire body from the sun’s rays. Wear sunglasses that cover your eyes because you can’t apply sunscreen around this area.
    Don’t Smoke and Avoid Passive Smoking
    The toxins in tobacco smoke cause wrinkles on your facial skin while also making your skin lose its suppleness. This is because smoking causes the narrowing of vessels which reduces the amount of blood flow to the skin and causes a reduction in oxygen supply to your face. This, in turn, reduces the amount of nutrient flow to your skin. This is the ideal environment for skin problems and simply by staying away from smoke you can make sure your skin continues looking young and flawless all the time as it receives a timely supply of oxygen and nutrients.

    Additionally, active smoking takes its toll on the collagen and elastin in your skin which makes the skin on your face lack elasticity and look old. It also promotes wrinkles as your skin does not have the elasticity which is required for it to heal and go back to its original form. As a result, when stretched, it tends to stay partially stretched.
    Take Care of Your Skin
    Keep your skin hydrated by drinking lots of water as well as using a good quality moisturizing cream regularly. Do not wash your skin with water that is too hot as this also dried the skin