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Hello Cutie Collection 5 Pc Skin Care Gift Set

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What you will receive is:

  • HELLO CUTIE FACIAL CLEANSER with ACTIVATED CHARCOAL- Say Good-Bye to blemishes, uneven skin and acne. This is not an ordinary cleanser these ingredients works synergistically to eliminate toxins, exfoliates the dead skin cells while renewing and radiating your skin.
  • HELLO CUTIE SETTING SPRAY SETS MAKE UP AND PROLONGS ITS HOLD effectively while providing an unparalleled sense of freshness!Unlike other setting spray we use plant based ingredients that heals and protects.
  • HELLO MUD MASK - You will notice the creamy texture that glides on to your face like butter. You only need a small amount to achieve the best results. Unlike our competitors you do not need a quarter of a jar for one application.You will see noticeable results with your first application.Say "good bye" to those pesky blackhead that seem to never want to go away.
  • KONJAC SPONGE - BLOOD CIRCLULATION AND EXFOLIATION - Unique net like structure improves blood circulation. Exfoliating your body with gently peeling to remove the dead cuticles and promotes new growth of skin cells, giving your skin an extra boost!
  • BOARS HAIR APPLICATION BRUSH - Essential hands free tool for applying face mask and peels

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