About Us


Hello Cuties I'm  Audrey Vassell the proud owner and creator of Glam Essentials. My skincare journey started for me when I started noticing the changes in my skin. It started with age spots, hyper-pigmentation, rough dry skin, wrinkles on the forehead and circles underneath my eyes. Prior to that I had a pretty decent regimen, but finding natural effective and affordable product had always been a challenge to find. As a former cosmetologist I studied the skin and understood the importance of natural and effective ingredients.

Without many options, I felt the only solution would help would be to cover up my skin with foundation, concealers and powders. I never wanted to be the girl that had to cover up her beautiful skin and hide it to face the world everyday. First off as a working single mother in my twenties, I had no time such a lengthy routine. I needed something quick. With all the issues we women face from the time we're young girls like menstrual monthly outbreaks, acne, and dark spots, Its almost impossible for us to feel comfortable and confident in our natural skin. We're inundated with foundation, concealers and powders at the makeup counters in department stores. Mostly full of harmful chemical that destroys the mantle on our skin. Some of the makeup out on the market literally clog pores and eat away at our skin.  I want to be clear I'm not at ALL anti-makeup. I love makeup but I want my makeup to compliment my skin not hid every spot and natural imperfection on my face.

Most of the products on the market were filled withe parabens and harmful chemicals. The products at the local health stores were outrageously price  and most of the times non-effective.  Creating my own products became a mission for myself first and secondly to offer to people like me who want beautiful natural  skin without all other the harmful stuff. I literally took matters into my own hands and began to formulate my own skincare products.

I hand selected certain ingredients that were not only natural but are effective. My favorite is Vitamin B3 which works like botox for the skin, hyaluronic acid the stimulates collagen giving your face that healthy plumpness. Anti-oxidants like green tea and pomegranate extract that combat free radicals and slows the aging process. These are only the few ingredients that use in most of our products. I can tell you personally it has made a tremendous difference in my texture, the wrinkles and I love the way my skin feel. No longer dry and rough but my skin has a natural glow. My customers feel the same way.

 Many skin care companies are still struggling with the idea of manufacturing product that do not product harmful chemicals.  Although the industry has come a long way there are still many products on the market that has ingredients in them that I ABSOLUTELY refuse to put on my body. The most important thing I learned in cosmetology school was the skin is the LARGEST organ on our body. Therefore, lotions, creams, shampoos and other products absorbs very quickly.

It took me several years to find a manufacturer that's FDA regulated  met the standards that I was looking for. I ABSOLUTELY  refuse to compromise my standards and the hard work has paid off. It has  allowed me to create a line I'm thrilled to offer to you. Start today by getting the skin you deserve with Glam Essentials. You'll be glad you did.