About Glam Essentials

Glam Essentials was created for women to age with confidence. For that woman who’s Better, Bolder and Badder than she used to be. She has done everything right and knows what she wants. She’s done an amazing job taken care of her business and everyone else’s. Now this is her time to take care of herself and live her unapologetic life. She looks in the mirror every day and recognizes she doesn’t look like she did 20 years and that’s okay. She does want to maintain a youthful vibrant appearance that give her the confidence to continue to thrive and be successful. She needs a skincare system that factors where she is and what she needs.
She is Accomplished!
She is Bold!
She is Beautiful!
She is Optimistic!
She is Me
She is You!
Glam Essentials is a collection of high-efficacy, ingredient conscious formulas that increase skin regeneration, elasticity, hydration and smoothness. Our goal is to put your needs first so you can age beautifully confidently.