Hello Cutie Makeup Setting Spray

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At Last A Hydrating Finishing Makeup Setting Spray that actually works! The Hello Cutie Hydrating Setting Spray gives your face a boost of confidence with our exclusive formula. Guaranteed to Set Your Makeup Perfectly and Lock it In For Up to 12 Hours a DayFormulated with  Aloe Vera as the base ingredient to kick off the exceptional performance of this spray. 

 Antioxidants like Green Tea and Pomegranate Extracts prevent free radical from wreaking havoc on your face and healing your skin from any pre-existing damage. Fortified with amazing ingredients such as Vitamin B3 and Hyaluronic Acid to plump up your beautiful skin and give you that youthful healthy appearance.

The Hello Cutie Hydrating Setting Spray has the absolute best combination of scientific and botanical ingredients. You'll not only achieve the best results to set your makeup, but help penetrate the deep layers of your skin to give the Glowing and Dewy look you desire. These ingredients are paraben-free formulated with highest quality ingredients. Excellent for Regular, Sensitive and Combination Skin.

Check out the different ways you can use the Hello Cutie Hydrating Setting Spray to save you time and money.

1.Use the Hello Cutie Hydrating Setting Spray as a toner. It will help with the absorption of your moisturizer, balance out your skin and shrink your pores. *Very important* Please wait at least 5-7 minutes to get the maximum benefit from your moisturizer.

2. As a setting spray the Hello Cutie Hydrating Setting Spray and its amazing ingredients like Aloe, Hyaluronic Acid, Green Tea and Pomegranate Extracts, and Vitamin B3 sets your makeup in place up to 12 hours a day. You can spray before primer and again before foundation. With each step your sealing in moisture while creating long lasting makeup effect. The end result gives you a plumper, dewy healthier looking skin.

3. Refresh your skin with the Hello Cutie Hydrating Setting Spray throughout the day whether its to keep your face from being dehydrated from the cold or freshen you face from the exhausting heating and sweat keeping you dry and cool.

4. Apply the Hello Cutie Hydrating Setting Spray to intensify your eyeshadow. Spray on your brush then apply your color. It intensifies the color and make your eyeshadow color pop. You can apply to your contouring brush to clean up smudge eyeliner on top of your eyelid or underneath your eyes.

5. You can use the Hello Cutie Setting Spray as a pre and post mask treatment. It will help soothe irritated skin and act as a primer for the mask. This help you get maximum absorption from your mask. Then after the mask your skin is thirsty to drink all of the exceptional ingredients in this sprat to balance out the ph of your skin before using a serum or moisturizer.

No need to buy toners, face mist or hydrating spray. The multi-purpose Hello Cutie Setting Spray does it all and saves you money!

The Hello Cutie Hydrating Setting Spray is proudly made in the U.S.A. Back by a 30 day Money Back Guarantee

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