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EMBRACE Antioxidant Facial Cleanser
$ 25.00
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REVEAL Triple Peptide Serum
$ 46.00
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CELEBRATE Detoxifying Hydrating Mask
$ 28.00
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EMPOWER Moisturizing Day Treatment
$ 32.00


"Glam Essentials Celebrate Detox Mask is easy to apply. It feels light on my skin, not like other masks where they leave your skin feeling tight. When I rinsed it off my skin felt like velvet"


"Very happy with this product. I've tried other serums that were much more expensive. I think this one works just as well as serums that cost twice as much."

Katie Bissen

"This mask is amazing! My daughter and I both use it. Despite our 30 year age difference, it leaves both of us with smooth, glowing skin. Our pores look much smaller, and I just can't say enough good things about this mask."

Tired Cranky

"I use the antioxidant facial cleanser and follow with the moisturizing day treatment every morning and the triple peptide with hyaluronic serum is one of my favorite nighttime skincare products - they’ve completely changed my routine!"


“Those of us who are in our 40s... seems like everything changes at this age. I had a gut feeling to purchase this and I am soooo glad I did. I absolutely love these products. The face cream smells absolutely amazing. Its super lite and does not leave the skin oily. I love the mask. I use it in the morning. It gives a cool and calming feeling to the skin. My skin feels amazing. Soft smooth and hydrated. I have had no breakouts and that's amazing. I would highly recommend this line.”


Our Mission

Glam Essentials mission to help women overcome the stigmas and negative perceptions of her mid-life experience. We empower women to embrace and celebrate this time of her life unapologetically.

Encourage women to dream beyond her wildest imagination and age with confidence.

We’ve created a skincare system with clean true and tried ingredients that get results period.

No gimmicks or false claims necessary

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