Glam Essentials is a luxury lifestyle brand that believes in the empowerment of women through high-quality beauty and fashion for women over 40. We specialize in bringing confidence to women who work hard and have the desire to play harder. If you're that woman we got you covered!

My name is Audrey and I am the creator and founder of Glam Essentials. I initially started as a skincare brand bringing hydrating, clean, high efficacy products that nourish and protect women's skin from their face to their toes. But then soon recognized that my passion went beyond skincare and want to empower women in every area of her life as possible. 

 As a woman over 50, I truly understand the challenges that we are up against. Your skin is changing and so has your body but your confidence doesn't have to. I'm committed to making women look and feel good about themselves no matter what age they are. We're going to continue to bring the best in skincare and high-quality fashion so you can express yourself unapologetically. 

"We are defying what aging looks like and redefining beauty by embracing and loving ourselves the way we are."