Love My Body Everything Bundle
Love My Body Everything Bundle
Love My Body Everything Bundle

Love My Body Everything Bundle

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It’s time to give your body the respect it deserves. Do you want healthy glowing skin??  Indulge your body with a body care system with the highest quality ingredients that hydrate heals, and moisturize your beautiful skin. Save on four of my best-selling body products.  Let me introduce you to these all-star ingredients. 

Aloe Vera - the holy grail of miracle plants. It’s been around for thousands of years and it's well-known for its ability to heal, hydrate, moisturize, calm and soothe your skin.

Shea butter -  has anti-aging properties. It’s well-known and may be related to promoting collagen production or decreasing the breakdown of collagen that’s already present.

Pink Himalayan Salt's - anti-bacterial properties aid in detoxifying and healing your skin. It helps to draw all the toxins and pollutants out of the skin, generating new cells and leaving it all clean and soft. 

 Tocopherols (Vitamin E)- Our Body oil spray protects the skin from environmental pollution and UV radiation. Contains powerful anti-inflammatory & wound healing properties. A blend of rice extract, rosemary extract, sunflower extract, It is an excellent antioxidant blend with the ability to delay the oxidation of oils. Also helps with the penetration of other compounds into the skin.

Give your body the healthy glow it deserves.

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